Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative

March 6, 2007

The Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative is a funded collaborative made up of four community-based anti-violence agencies that have worked in coalition with each other since the 1990’s on domestic violence and human trafficking. In 2001 the four agencies, led by API Legal Outreach, formed the Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative. 

 Member organizations include: 

Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach 

Asian Women’s Shelter

Donaldina Cameron House


There is a tremendous amount of work and advocacy that must be done to try to reach and eliminate the source of human trafficking as well as ensure the safety and well being of survivors. As a unique collaboration of community-based non-governmental organizations, the Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative (AATC) works to meet those needs through its multi-level strategy, including:  ·   Comprehensive services to trafficked people and their families, including legal representation, social services, and emergency shelter; ·   Policy and legislative advocacy at the local, state, and federal levels;  ·   Technical assistance and training to governmental and non-governmental organizations to build their capacity to respond to the needs of trafficked people; and ·   Ongoing community outreach and education about the multi-dimensional issue of human trafficking.